Nothing is as frightening as getting your Technician License and not having a clue what to do next, or who is available to help you get started.  We are here to help.  Our goal is to take small groups of new HAMs, put you together with or without a radio (in many cases we can have handheld radios available to make your first time talking easier) and get you exposed to the mysteries of the HAM radio.

Here is a sample of how the nets that we run when supporting remote events operate:

Nets operated during a marathon are directed nets. This means that:
1. Net Control is the controlling authority for the net.
2. All communications are controlled by Net Control.
3. No communications occur with other stations that are not cleared by Net Control.
4. All stations that check into the net must remain in the net until released by Net Control.
5. All stations are to use their tactical call sign during the net.
6. When initiating a contact between stations, the word “over” is not necessary.
7. During an exchange, the word “over” must be used if the transmitting station is expecting a response.
8. At the end of an exchange, the word “out” must be used to signify that no response is expected, and the exchange is complete.
9. When you close a conversation, you must sign with your TACTICAL call sign followed by your FCC call sign.

In essence, we strive to follow procedures that have been established by the National Traffic System.  We have a good pool of experienced HAMs to draw from, and would be very happy to give you the level of exposure that will get you where you want to be headed.  Use our contact page and let us know what we can do for you.

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